Killing Mr. Park [Recommendation]

Killing Mr. Park is a pretty interesting girl’s love, murder-mystery manhwa series. It’s not a long series, but it looks like it was done a few years ago.

Alt TitlesPark Gwajang Jugigi, 박 과장 죽이기
CreatorsWonseob Sin [신원섭] (Author)
Boiler Kim [보일러 김씨] (Artist)
AdaptedFrom novel
GenreDramaHorror, Mature Warning: Murder / Attempted Murder, Mental / Physical AbuseShoujo Ai / YuriThriller
Killing Mr. Park [Recommendation]

Killing Mr. Park Summary

Kill your husband and live with me…

One day Sujin confesses to Min that she wants to kill her husband while during the company field trip.

However Sujin doesn’t kill him, despite Hana wanting to assist Sujin on her plan.

Will Sujin actually kill her husband or not?

Or will it be someone else?
Killing Mr. Park [Recommendation]
Killing Mr. Park is a pretty straightforward story, with a husband abusing his wife.

In a talk with her friend, they talk and joke about killing her husband.

The morbid jokes become a solid plan and when the trio heads on a business trip together. An excellent opportunity presents itself for the two women.

However, our female lead thinks she’s going crazy and not understanding if she just dreamt about the agreement. Our female lead also has an unrequited love for Mr. Park’s wife.

The story is very short, with only 6 chapters in black-and-white. The plot doesn’t really offer a lot of twists, but it does manage make me question and doubt what’s going on.

Overall the story feels a bit incomplete, but it’s very much the perfect murder.

Mr. Park isn’t exactly the husband of the year, but does he deserve death? Probably not, but it’s not like I can’t get why his wife wants to get away from him.

I feel like the story would have been better with more chapters. It’s suggesting our female lead is having some mental illness or feeling bad over her friend’s marriage.

Final thoughts: The story is short but interesting. The story isn’t unique but it’s executed in a good way.

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