Killing Time [Recommendation]

Killing Time [Recommendation]

Killing Time is a good story with so many twists! I wasn’t expecting this when I started reading, but it’s surprisingly good!

Alt Titles킬링타임
CreatorsHon (혼) [Artists & Author]
LicensedNo, Korean
GenreActionComicsDrama,  Mature WarningMurder, GorePsychologicalReversal of TimeSupernatural,

Killing Time Summary of MU

“Save me, sister!” My sister who died three years ago called me, and now I have to use a cell phone that is connected to the past to save my dead sister!

Killing Time
Killing Time

This story is so good and interesting, but oh so confusing. Our heroine’s sister is being kidnapped by some people after the sister duo was fighting. The main character is trying her best to save her sister, but nothing works. Either she’s being kidnapped again, killed or injured. Or everything all at once.

Eventually, our heroine receives a mobile phone in the mail with instructions. This phone can call back in time, exactly 3 years in the past. After each hour you’ll get feedback from what is changing in the past. It’s definitely an interesting story, as well as being confusing as hell.

In the end, we lose contact with the sister and our heroine starts working together with… herself. It’s so interesting, I was almost biting my nails! It was so intense sometimes, I thought I couldn’t continue reading anymore.

“Killing Time” is definitely something else and I’m eagerly awaiting the time it might become officially translated. The story is officially finished, with 54 chapters.

Disregarding the seriousness of the story, the mobile phone reminds me of an iPhone which makes me fear for its battery life. Out of all the phones…

Recommendation: Highly recommend checking out this story! It’s a really interesting and action-filled.

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