It's Because You Keep Doing xX

It’s Because You Keep Doing xX [First Impression]

It’s Because You Keep Doing xx starts interesting but ends up being disappointing. Not because the series, but because of Pocket Comics.

Alt TitlesKimi ga nandomo batsu-batsu surukara, Kimi ga Nandomo xx Suru Kara, 君が何度も××するから
CreatorsTOYAMA Monaka (兎山もなか, Monaka Toyama, もなか兎山) [Author] –
KUROSE Dahlia [Dahlia Kurose, KUROSE Daria, ダリア黒瀬 , Daria Kurose, 黒瀬ダリア]
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
AdaptedYes, based on a novel.
GenreDrama, Mature Warning: , SmutRomanceSlice of Life

It’s Because You Keep Doing XX summary

Shii Hayama is working at an advertising company and is content with the work she’s doing there. One day a new co-worker starts and her life is going to take an unexpected turn…
It's Because You Keep Doing XX [First Impression]
Be aware this manga contains some adult themes. The Pocket Comics version is censored, but you can still tell what’s happening.

The biggest issue I have with this manga isn’t even the manga itself, but the app it’s licensed on. Pocket Comics seem to cut the content short, probably squeezing more money out of users.

Anime-Planet lists the manga as having 20 chapters, whereas we see 40+ chapters on Pocket Comics. I get it was revamped and coloured but it still feels like it’s cutting us off short.

The chapters are also very short and feature almost nothing of value, which makes paying 7 coins on PC quite of a waste. It’s not worth reading to that point where I’d spend 30-40 dollars on it, sorry.

Now, the story itself is pretty basic as far as manga stories. Our female protagonist is an office worker and a new co-worker of hers is also her neighbour. On the day he moves in, they get drunk together and seem to have some type of intimate encounter.

It's Because You Keep Doing XX [First Impression]
However, she has no recollection if it’s a daydream or it actually happened. Hint: Wasn’t a daydream after all.

Strangely enough, it seems the guy also knew she had a birthmark on her hip. Our female lead doesn’t know who this guy is apparently, yet he knows such an intimate detail about her.

As it turns out, they both work at the same place. Our female lead also has a huge crush on another co-worker, whom she catches having some fun with another co-worker in the office. Clearly distraught over it, she clings to her new co-worker as he’s accompanying her home.

I can’t say I hate the story, but it borders on sexual harassment, but maybe that’s just how it’s portrayed in manga.

For the sake of this first impression, I was actually purchasing one or two chapters much later in the series. Guess what? They still HAVE NOT done anything in terms of “proper” intimate meetings.

It also seems like there’s misunderstandings left and right, where the guy is seemingly in love with another girl. Or maybe that’s just what the female lead believes.

I feel like this story could have been good, but it’s being ruined by too much intrigue and drama.

Recommendation: The story itself wouldn’t be so bad if the chapters were longer, right now you’re paying too much for the content.

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