The Last Ji Soo [First Impression]

The Last Ji Soo starts off very confusing. I guess the basic idea is a playboy is dating all females called Ji Soo.

Alt Title마지막 지수, Majimang Jisu
CreatorsErica [에리카, Erika] (Author)
CHAE Nara [CHAE Nala, 채나라] (Artist)
LicensedYes, TappyToon
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSchool Life
The Last Ji Soo

The Last Ji Soo Summary

Our protagonist, Yang Ji Soo, dreams of becoming an author.

Once day, playboy Hae Sung, famous for only dating girls named ‘Ji Soo,’ approaches her.

Although she’s already dating Do Hyuk and feels uncomfortable with Hae Sung’s approaches, something bothers her.

‘How does he know so much about my dating history…?’

The Last Ji Soo
The Last Ji Soo features a girl by the name of Yang Ji Soo and her relationships.

A playboy by the name of Hae Sung is going through all girls in school called Ji Soo.

Yang Ji Soo is dating Do Hyuk, but her boyfriend is focusing a lot on his childhood friend. His childhood friend has a weak body and thus she’s often fainting.

I’m not sure if she’s doing it on purpose since she doesn’t want Do Hyuk not to date Ji Soo.

Anyway, I’m not shipping Do Hyuk and Ji Soo since he ALWAYS cancels on her and it’s pissing me off!

I get you’re dating someone but still choosing your friend, who is always fainting, then maybe you should reconsider who you’re dating.

I’m not saying you should skip on taking care of your friend, but there’s a limit, no?

Anyway, the guy called Hae Sung eventually becomes closer to Ji Soo.

He somehow manages to retell her first date with Do Hyuk and she can’t understand how he can know that

Final thoughts: It seems like a decent story set in school. I hope Ji Soo dumps Do Hyuk and finds herself a boyfriend who puts her first!

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