Jealousy Inducers [First Impression]

Jealousy Inducers is a fun concept, with a hidden camera and a romance waiting to happen. Might be a fun read, with an interesting plot!

Alt Titles질투유발자들, Jiltuyubaljadeul
CreatorsKIM Kkong [KIM Cong, 김꽁]
LicensedNo, Korean
GenreComedy, Drama,  RomanceSlice of Life
Jealousy Inducers [First Impression]

Jealousy Inducers Summary

I want to have a romantic relationship, now! Jealousy Inducers have come for those who only trigger jealousy!

Jealousy Inducers [First Impression]
Jealousy Inducers is a fun story, probably with more depth to it than what we may be expecting.

Our female lead loves to watch a hidden camera show, with jealousy inducing as the main key point. Which includes focusing a lot attention of the person hiring them. The whole goal is to act lovey-dovey, making sure the lady feels comfortable and safe and the man feeling jealous.

The male lead works as on this hidden camera show, with the goal is to promote jealousy in one party. You see, the people on the show may love someone but the other person shows little interest.

The goal of the show is to make the uninterested partners, become interested in the party hiring them. They do this by inducing jealousy, with a clear goal and plan in mind.

Jealousy Inducers [First Impression]
Our first few chapters we see them in action, seemingly seducing a woman to make her love interest jealous. It’s a success, of course.

Our female protagonist applies for a job, working with the creators behind the show. She’s then hired, as a manager and is feeling super excited. However, I think she’s being confused as the person hiring them, since she gets caught up in the recording.

So far, I’m quite liking the story, including the art which is very crisp and nice-looking. I think our female protagonist will experience the truth eventually – with the male lead acting a certain way as part of his role.

It’s easy to fall in love with someone based on their looks and how they act, but more meet the eyes sometimes. You never know if they’re actually the same person off-screen, which makes it a gamble if you actually like the person.

Our female lead may seem a bit crazy with her crush, but I’m hoping she’ll settle down and behave appropriately. I hate when protagonists act crazy in front of their crushes, like calm down.

Recommendation: Seems to be a fun story with good art, might be worth checking out!

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