It Was All You [Recommendation]

It Was All You [Recommendation]

It Was All You is a story about love clones and a woman whose husband is cheating on her. She seeks comfort with a beta model of a clone, Victor.

Alt TitlesModu Neoyeossda, 모두 너였다
CreatorsLEE Jae Ik [LEE Jake, 이재익], LEE Soon Ki [Lee Sunki, skllsk, 이순기] (Authors)
OH Jeong Ho [OH Jungho, oh.5.ho, ohleehip, studio GRIGODA, 오정호] (Artists)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
AdaptedI think a novel
GenreDramaMature WarningMental / Physical AbusePsychologicalRomanceSci-FiSlice of Life
It Was All You [Recommendation]

It Was All You Summary

In a near-future Pyeongyang, clones have become an indispensable part of human life.

Tasked to test XYZ Corporation’s latest prototype, biomedical engineer Dr. Yuri Lee is marvels at LPC-6, a physically perfect and intellectually superior clone designed for a single purpose. To give unconditional love to his master.

As she uncovers the depths of her unfaithful husband’s depravity, she finds solace in “Victor” and his extraordinary capacity for empathy. Will her desire for retribution and love set her onto a path of no return?

It Was All You [Recommendation]
I like this webtoon, quite a lot in fact. I’m unsure if these clones are actually “humans” or just “androids”.

They seem to be so lifelike, but at the same time not. I did read they’re supposed to be clones but with artificial brains and whatnot.

Furthermore, our protagonist comments he seems very lifelike and the hair is black both on top and below.

Now, our female protagonist’s husband is cheating on her and she handles it poorly. She yells at the woman whose visiting, despite her being the daughter of some higher up.

Instead of taking it easy and being strategic about it, she lets her feelings influence her choices.

It Was All You [Recommendation]
Something is very strange with Victor. It’s clear he’s doing things based off programming, but it’s just too intense.

For instance, he clenches his jaw when our female lead is crying, clearly upset over her pain.

I’m not sure why, but I’m feeling like the protagonist is playing into the hands of these people. It’s giving me a bad feeling. The male lead, Victor, is there to comfort the female lead and gives her advice.

I really, really love the art. The artist nails the “blank look” on Victor’s face and the mature look of our female lead.

Recommendation: Yes! Definitely worth reading the story since it’s interesting and unique plot.

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