Is this true love? [First Impression]

Is This True Love? is about a woman whose relationships always goes bad, almost like she is being cursed. One day she finds a man who might change her fate.

Alt TitlesHaneul-i Naelin Yeon-ae, Kekasih dari Langit, Love From the Sky, 하늘이 내린 연애
CreatorsLee Sun Hee [이선희]
LicensedOfficial Indonesian Translation, Official English (download app)
GenreDrama, RomanceSlice of Life
Is This True Love? [First Impression]

Is This True Love? Summary

It feels like Seo Ahjin is being cursed: After five times dating men, all of them are jerks.

Even the last one was cheating on her! Unfortunately, he is the nephew of her boss.

She decides to resign and moves to her sister. On her first day of moving in, she drinks out to relieve her stress with her friend.

Ahjin drinks too much and enters the wrong house. It was the house of Nam Yoojun, the popular actor who she once met in her childhood.

Ahjin has only one wish: to find a sincere love. Will it come true?

Is This True Love? [First Impression]
I hate to say it, but I’m not loving Is This True Love? so far. I hope it will improve, but the whole plot seems to be such a cliché.

I quite like the fact our female lead suffers from bad relationships. All of her previous relationships are going poorly, with anything from the boyfriend cheating on her to being a peeping tom.

She ends up quitting her job after her last boyfriend turns out to be a fluke. Apparently the manager of the store she works asks her to date him, so she can’t continue working there.

Having to leave her apartment, too, she moves in with her sister and ends up getting drunk right after. Instead of stumbling into the right apartment, she stumbles into an idol’s apartment and falls asleep in his shower!

A guest he has over finds her and the first impression is quite poor. However, somehow they seem to rekindle their relationship since many pictures suggest they’re in love!

There’s plenty of tropes and clichés in this manhwa, but it’s not all bad. I quite like the story anyway, but I probably needs more chapters to fully get into it.

I’m liking the art, though. It’s looking very nice, both with the lineart, colouring and anatomy.

Recommendation: Might be worth checking out if you like some modern romance with a cold male lead at the start.

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