Is It a Fortune or Is It Woe? [Manhwa - First Impression]

Is It a Fortune or Is It Woe? [Manhwa – First Impression]

“Is It a Fortune or Is It Woe?” is a humorous take on the trope of reincarnating into a novel, knowing what the future will be holding.

The main character Dylan Langton is a breath of fresh air with her murderous hate for the male lead, Cedric Rodden Hayworth.

Alt TitlesAfortunada o desafortunada, Fortunate or Unfortunate, 다행인지 불행인지, 幸运还是不幸, Weal or Woe?, Dahaeng Inji Bulhaeng Inji, For Better or For Worse (official title)
CreatorsNoh Hueda (Author), Eunren (Artist)
NovelYes, English
Is It a Fortune or Is It Woe?1

“Is It a Fortune or Is It Woe?” start out with a classic setup, a character which knows the future due to it being a novel. Like most manhwas, the character then takes matters into their own hands and decides they need to be changing the story.

However, I found this story to be truly likable due to the comedy aspects of the characters.

Dylan is rude towards Cedric from the get go, even leading him astray. She’s trying her best to be menacing in order to be protecting her baby sister, Emily Langton. Despite attempting to get Cedric to just leave without a fiancée, she’s forced to accept the marriage anyway – only to save her sister.

Is It a Fortune or Is It Woe?1

Despite this, Dylan and Cedric seem to be getting along quite nicely. It’s hinted Cedric has affection towards Dylan, mostly in the way he later on starts treating her.

Dylan is stuck in the past, before the novel was starting. But she has some knowledge about the real protagonist, who will be appearing in the future. She’s not eagerly agreeing to the marriage nor getting comfortable.

Although we can probably guess how Dylan and Cedric will end up, it’s still amusing to read through the manhwa. A predictable story doesn’t necessarily have to be bad or not worth reading.

As for the art style, it’s unique and I’ve not seen character creation focusing so heavily on the eyes in korean webtoons. It’s almost as if we’re reading a big-eyed manga series and not a korean webtoon.

I can’t say I dislike it, but it’s a different mix of art styles. I’d say it’s looking combining some western stylized comics with big eyes from more iconic manga style from Japan. The art is otherwise gorgeous and I have nothing to be complaining about.

Recommendation: A solid reading (if you like isekai romance stories)

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