Into the Light Once Again [1st Impression]

Once Again Into The Light is a reincarnation story, about a woman who is betrayed by her family and executed. She reincarnates into a loving family, instead.

Alt TitlesOnce Again Into the Light Alone, 다시 한 번 빛속으로, Once Again Into the Light  
CreatorsTikataka (Author)
Yuya (Artist)
AdaptedProbably a novel
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalManhwaMature Warning: Gore/bloodDrugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Depression,  PsychologicalRomance
Into The Light

Into The Light Once Again Summary

I was falsely accused of attempting to kill my younger sister, who was worshipped as a Saintess.

There was not a single person who believed in me, nor was there a person who stood up for me. Not even my blood-related family. I was 14 years old, and it was winter.

I, who was Edenbell’s Fourth Princess, was miserably beheaded in front of the masses.

After the end of my death, I awoke and what came was…

“My baby, my precious younger sister.”

With a delightful smile, he held my small fingers. That warm gesture, warmth, and touch. He sang me a lullaby as he held me gently and swayed.

Into The Light
Into The Light Once Again starts off with some horrifying moments, including some implied torture.

If you’re not feeling comfortable, then you may want to skip until our female lead is reborn.

It’s very clear she was treated unfairly by her family, with them conspiring to have her killed by beheading. Even a person whom she thought she could trust ends up betraying her and being the most wicked one.

As she’s reincarnated, it makes sense she’s hesitating to trust her family again.

It must be an insane trauma, having to die due to your family’s orders and then meeting a new one.

Into The Light
Although they may appear loving, who knows what they might do or how they might change in the future.

Our female lead eventually does end up trusting them, with some more abilities to protect herself. The relationship between her and her brother is also sweet, likewise with her parents.

I quite like the fact the female lead’s new mother isn’t a jealous or crazy b**ch, but instead cares deeply for her adopted son. I say adopted, because she’s not his biological mother, she died.

It’s also nice to see a story where the brother isn’t too jealous of his sister, but instead loves her deeply.

Final thoughts: Overall I’m invested in this story. It has some typical manhwa tropes, but I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt so far.

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