Interview With a Murderer [First Impression]

Interview With a Murderer [First Impression]

“Interview With A Murderer” is truly an unnerving story, which manages to capture the feeling of being a deer caught in the headlights.

Alt TitlesCriminal Interview, Entretien avec un tueur (French), Entrevista a un asesino, Hyung-agbeomgwaui Myeondam, Interview With a Murderer (Queensa), Криминальное интервью. Истина того дня, クリミナル・インタビュー ~あの日の真実~, 致命的诱惑, 與殺人魔的面談, 흉악범과의 면담
CreatorsPyong [Pyon, Bbyong, Ppyong, Пён,ピョン] Queensa (Authors) – Pyong (Artist)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
GenreDrama,  Mature WarningMurder, GorePsychologicalShounen Ai/ Yaoi
Interview With A Murderer [First Impression]

Summary of Interview With A Murderer

Jonathan helps his brother interview a serial killer, but little does he know that said killer has a special interest in him…

Interview With A Murderer [First Impression]
I was “tasked” on Pocket Comics to read this story to gain a free ticket and I must say I’m happy it suggested it. Originally I didn’t know it was a BL comic but it have the vibes, so I kind of knew anyway. What those vibes are, I don’t know.

The way our male protagonist was zeroed out by our murdered was creepy, but interesting. It reminded me of “The Silence of the Lambs”, which is a movie I like.

You can feel the murderers ill intent and murderous aura from behind the glass. I felt unnerved as a reader and I can’t imagine how Jonathan must have felt in that situation.

Now, I have only read a bit of the story so far, but I’m going to continue for sure. I am curious what is happening since we now have a copycat on the prowl. It’s implied to be Jonathan’s brother but that feels a bit too.. cheap. Like it’s TOO obvious and it’s not exactly what I’d expect from a good story.

Maybe our insane killer isn’t actually the culprit, who knows! I’m so excited to find out.

Recommendation: If you like BL comics with a murderous twist, go for it! Really liking this one so far.

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