Interview with a murderer [Review]

Interview with a murderer [Review]

Interview With A Murderer is a psychological thriller about a young man, Jonathan April, and a serial killer named Kister The Slaughterer.

Alt TitlesCriminal Interview, Entretien avec un tueur, Entrevista a un asesino, Hyung-agbeomgwaui Myeondam, Interview With a Murderer (Queensa), Криминальное интервью. Истина того дня, クリミナル・インタビュー ~あの日の真実~, 致命的诱惑, 與殺人魔的面談, 흉악범과의 면담
CreatorsPyong [Pyon, Bbyong, Ppyong, Пён,ピョン] Queensa (Authors) – Pyong (Artist)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
GenreDrama,  Mature WarningMurder, GorePsychologicalShounen Ai/ Yaoi
Interview With A Murderer
4/5 Art:

The art of “Interview With A Murderer” is pretty decent and I really the art style. However, I find the art quite barren. There’s no flimsy details but everything feels scaled down. Overall there’s really nothing to complain about when it comes to the style, just that there’s not many details in the background.

What I was noticing looking through the illustrations is the muted colours around the locations and certain extra characters. This makes the eye colour pop up in comparison.

Initially everyone was drawn with dull colours, but as the story progressed we’re seeing more and more colour. It was a stark contrast in the first chapters when we saw Kister in his orange jumpsuit.

Interview With A Murderer [Review]
4.5/5 Plot:

The plot in this story is really intriguing and intricate. It initially seems like a dead give away what happens, but we quickly come to realize it’s not exactly what we thought.

Jonathan’s brother is a journalist who recently quit his job at a great magazine. He was supposed to be interviewing Kister the slaughterer but ends up having some issues with his appendix. Interview cancelled for him.

Jonathan is sent in his place and needless to say, he’s horrified of the murderer.

Eventually the plot thickens and we start to doubt who is actually guilty for what. We learn about Jonathan’s brother and we start wondering what’s actually going on. Is everything as it seems?

Overall I really do like the plot, but we’re left with some question signs at the end anyway. Maybe I didn’t fully read it, but there was something about pills and personality disorders. I am unsure if it was ever fully explained or we were supposed to connect the dots ourselves.

The plot is driven by love, of varying types. And it’s only fitting it ends with the promise of a potential love blossoming.

Interview With A Murderer [Review]
4.5/5 Characters:

I was really liking the characters in the story. All of them feel unique and well-designed. Jonathan is our main character and he’s a bit of a wuss, but his heart is in the right place. He didn’t have it in him to hate Kister and although it may be a bit of a Stockholm syndrome, he’s quick to forgive him.

Kister is a really interesting character and we’re actually given a good hint about his future throughout the story. He’s definitely not a simple minded or one-track minded person, yet we think he is.

I liked how we didn’t know if he wants to kill Jonathan or kiss him, he seemed very conflicted about the entire thing.

Jonathan’s brother is very suspicious throughout the story and we’re doubting him for a huge portion of the comic. Yet, many seem to have belief he’s innocent but can we really believe that?

As for the friends of Jonathan, some are more creepy than others. One person is seemingly very interested in him and is taking it upon himself to protect him. Which is fine, but not in the manner it was done.

What I found very unlikely is that all of the characters are seemingly gay. I get likeminded people attract each other, but it’s just making it seem super obvious this is a BL comic.

Interview With A Murderer [Review]
13/15 Overall – Really good story:

I would like to say this story is pretty darn decent for such an intricate story. Now, I can’t say it was filled with a lot of surprises, but there were a few. Somehow I was enjoying the logic and problem solving Jonathan and others sported. They were really thinking hard and using common sense to connect the dots.

One character knew Jonathan’s brother knew languages, so the one he was most likely to write something down in would be german.

Despite the grim nature of the story, I like the ending. It was bittersweet and not without its share of death and sadness. Yet, it wasn’t too sad or without hope. It ended as we might expect it to end, without dragging it out too much.

I found the BL not to be overpowering in the story and it seemed relatively natural. Although certain times I was wondering if everyone were gay, since basically no females appear except Jonathan’s mother.

Despite some minor issues, I do recommend you read this story if you like mystery and criminal stories. It has BL, but it’s not exactly a prominent feature of the story.

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