In Your Dream [1st Impression]

I understand very little of In Your Dream when it starts, but I think it’s sort-of sweet. The love story seems to be pretty basic, but I’m not fully sure.

Alt Titles인 유어 드림, In Yueo Deulim
CreatorsKIM Kwangmin, KIM Gwang Min, 김광민 (Author)
Dorang, 도랑 (Artist)
AdaptedTV Show (2020)
GenreDramaRomanceSlice of Life, Supernatural
In Your Dream

In Your Dream SUMMARY

To save his crush from a life-threatening coma, Junsu braves a risky journey into the world of her dreams. When Namhee wakes, her memory of him is lost to the depths of her mind.

As she begins to falls for another person altogether, will Namhee and Junsu be able to find love again?

In Your Dream
In Your Dream we start off having the male lead thinking about the female lead.

It makes me think we’re having something going on in dreams, but I’m not fully sure.

Our male lead seems to have difficulties talking to the female lead, despite her visiting every day. Overall I’m not convinced about the story, but it’s not overly bad. It may just need some twist or turn to make it great.

The story just seems to be quite average, sadly. The art is decent but definitely not overly amazing in any way. Likewise, the plot seems basic but that’s about it.

Also, the plot that we know about seems to be dragged out. It seems the author wants to force more chapters, when in reality, the comic would be doing much better with less chapters.

Final thoughts: Not good nor bad, just an average love story.

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