I Met the Male Lead In Prison [1st Impression]

I Met The Male Lead In Prison is a pretty good story, with a unique setting in a prison. The female lead is clearly unaware of her own family situation.

Alt TitlesConocí Al Protagonista Masculino En Una Celda, 在监狱捡到忠犬男主, 在监狱里驯服了忠犬系男主人公, 감방에서 남자주인공을 만났습니다
CreatorsMoon Sihyun, fine apple, fine애플, MUN Si Hyeon, 문시현 (Author)
Pea Tea, 피티 (Artist)
AdaptedFrom Novel
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalIsekai, Mature Warning: Gore/blood, Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomanceSupernatural
I Met The Male Lead In Prison

I Met The Male Lead In Prison Summary

One day, I open my eyes and find myself in… prison?!

That’s right. Out of all the characters I could reincarnate into, I woke up inside a 19+ rated romance novel as the villain’s younger sister. To make things even worse, I’m being locked up inside the infamous Kambrakam Prison for my brother’s crimes.

Deep within the very same prison lies Henrich Doran von Hel, who’s suffering from a curse that turns him into a beast.

In the original novel, he ends up meeting the female lead and spend an erotic night with her here in prison… but of course, the plot’s gone awry thanks to my existence.

What kind of future lies in store for me now that I’ve gotten myself tangled up between the novel’s greatest villain and its male lead?!

I Met The Male Lead In Prison
I Met The Male Lead In Prison reminds me a lot of The Way To Protect The Female Lead’s Older Brother.

The female lead is really beautiful, with flowing pink hair. Even in ugly prison clothes, she’s looking really pretty.

It’s clear the female lead is beloved by more than one person. She wakes up in the prison as a new person, since the original character dies in prison.

She has no memories of her past in the world, including her family. Although she recognizes the people and plot, she’s not sure where she fits into the plot. However, we know he brother is the villain of the story.

The male lead is very cute, he reminds me of Isaac from The Blood Of Madam Giselle. If you don’t like male lead’s acting like beasts, then this may not be for you.

I Met The Male Lead In Prison
In this story, the male lead has some beast form and he sometimes snaps out of it.

Afterward he’s very embarrassed and shy, acting like he’s never seen a female.

In the end, he does become close to the female lead, namely because she’s caring a lot for him. Thankfully she’s able to gain both cigars and alcohol from her brother, which is perfect for bribing guards.

The warden of the prison is also clearly interested in the female lead. He’s honestly quite good looking, with glasses and longer hair. We all know he’s not going to end up with the female lead, but one can hope.

Final thoughts: I quite like the story so far, since it has some very unique settings and a bit different plot than usual. The art is really pretty, too.

I thought I might mention this, but this manhwa isn’t going to be drawn Pea Tea past season 1. The reason is due to the artist allegedly plagiarising The Villainess Turns the Hourglass.

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