I’m a wolf but I won’t harm you [1st Impression]

I’m A Wolf But I Won’t Harm You is a very weird story about humanoid-animal creatures. It’s a love story between a sheep and a wolf.

Alt Titles늑대지만 해치지 않아요, neugdaejiman haechiji anh-ayo
CreatorsUyuyang, 우유양 (Author)
Yeopjib Eonni, 옆집언니 (Artist)
AdaptedFrom Novel I assume
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalPsychologicalRomanceSupernatural
I'm A Wolf

I’m A Wolf But I Won’t Harm You Summary

A sheep was born into the political family of lions, the well-known Leopardi Family?!

‘Lucy, your grandmother from the eighth descent was a sheep…’

Lucy has lived a lonely life among her carnivorous blood relatives with no one to lean on.

As usual, she begins playing by herself at a social gathering but is suddenly approached by Roman, a wolf with ears pricking through his shiny, silver hair.

But one day, Roman’s secret leaves her with a great sense of betrayal!

“Hey, I thought you were a dog?! A dog!”

Can the two’s fates, which cannot be achieved, be made?

I'm A Wolf But I Won't Harm You [1st Impression]
I’m A Wolf But I Won’t Harm You is seemingly a very weird story about some humanoid-looking animals.

We have different types of animals, including lions, sheep, wolves, and so on.

Our female lead is born a sheep, but her parents are lions. Obviously this is going to be quite an annoyance for her in the future, since she feels like she doesn’t fit in.

As for the male lead, he’s a wolf but it seems the female lead mistakes him for a dog. We all know wolves and sheep do not necessarily go well together.

I haven’t read enough to get a solid grip about the story, but it’s not necessarily bad. It’s just very different from what I normally read and it’s a bit iffy.

There’s another series where a female character have relationships with multiple animal-humanoid creatures. Including both a snake and a leopard or whatever.

I’m not sure this is going to be same thing in this story, probably not, but it does remind me of the story slightly. Overall the story seems to be ok, but I’m not loving it.

Final thoughts: The story isn’t bad but it’s not my cup of tea. I won’t continue reading this series as it stands right now.

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