I'll Marry Him! [Manhwa - Review]

I’ll Marry Him! [Manhwa – Review]

“I’ll Marry Him!” is an isekai story where the emperor, driven mad by insomnia, ends up as a love-sick puppy for our heroine. 

Alt Titles:I’ll Do That Marriage,  That Marriage, I’ll Do It!, 그 결혼 제가 할게요, ฉันจะแต่งงานกับฝ่าบาทเองค่ะ, Biar Aku Saja yang Menikah
Creators:Carumok, Grilledcutlassfish (Galjigui, Carumok)
Licensed?Yes, TappyToon
Release Date2020
I'll Marry Him! [Manhwa - Review]

Summary of I’ll Marry Him

As the illegitimate daughter of Duke McKellion, Lilian was never fully embraced by her father or society.

So, when she has the opportunity to take her sister’s place in an arranged marriage to Emperor Kael Lu Kaldorf, Lilian jumps at the chance.

The only problem is, her prospective partner gets cranky without his sleep, and since being cursed by a vindictive witch, the tyrannical emperor hasn’t experienced a single moment of slumber.

But that’s no challenge for Lilian, who possesses the ability to induce sleep with a kiss.

Now, tasked with the duty of keeping His Majesty well-rested, Lilian must kiss the emperor each night to keep his temper at bay.

It’s a simple contractual agreement, and Lilian has no plans to develop romantic feelings, but what happens when Kael unexpectedly falls for her?

I'll Marry Him
3.5/5 – Art: 

The art isn’t bad and has a distinctive style from other series. There are some moments when the art looks a bit wonky, but I can live with that. Overall it’s decent enough. 

I quite enjoyed how the emperor looks like a zombie when he hasn’t gotten sleep, and how his disposition changes as time goes on. I can’t really say a lot about the art, I’ve never found it particularly amazing. That being said, the art doesn’t have to be ground-breaking or amazing, as long as it’s decent enough for the story – and it is.

3.5/5 – Characters:

I quite enjoyed the characters in this series. The emperor is my favourite, simply because he cannot understand things that are common sense for others. He battles with his more inhumane and evil sides, such as not forcing Lilian to stay in the palace against her will.

As time goes on, he becomes more lenient with mistakes and more protective of her. It’s quite adorable to see him falling in love with her. Whenever she gives her favour to him, he looks proud as someone who solved world hunger.

I'll Marry Him

Lilian is our main female lead and although she’s an isekai character, she fits naturally in the world. She’s easily manipulating the emperor to be nicer with her presence alone, not to mention her encouragement towards him.

The fact she has an ability to put others to sleep is also an added bonus. She was practically made for him. She has other hobbies, as well, such as sword fighting.

Bastian and Leilan

These two characters are quite kind and decent people, especially to Lilian. They want the best for her and with her choice to change the isekai novel – they ultimately become more free. It’s a good thing she came into this world, for their future has changed for the better.

The Duke

He’s an asshole, that’s all. 

Overall the characters are nice enough, but they’re not exactly brilliantly multi-faceted. Their motivations can easily be written out in a short blurb and that’s it. There’s not any major evil plot behind their actions or any huge motivations still not fulfilled.

I'll Marry Him
Can you tell he’s cranky?
3.5/5 – Plot: 

The plot is decent enough, but once the issue of the sleep, duchy and marriage has been solved we’re left with the actual romance part. It seems we’ve hit a standstill here and it’s hard to imagine the plot gaining a lot of traction here and surprising us.

It seems the manhwa should end soon because everything has been solved, more or less. Unless they throw us a curveball with actually solving the curse I’m not sure what else there is to this series. I suppose Lilian has to fall in love, too. Or more like confess.

I decided to re-read the manhwa to give you a more accurate recommendation. Unfortunately there’s not too many chapters available in the series, but the emperor definitely changes. 

Originally he was a cruel tyrant, but with the introduction of our lovely female lead, he became like a lovesick puppy. Of course, that’s because he fell in love. 

In the end, this story’s catalyst is really about sisterly love – doing something so that others may be happy. It’s a good message. 

Our female lead isn’t exactly in love with him, from what I’ve gathered, but she’s not disliking him. Eventually she ends up marrying him so she can always stay by his side.

I'll Marry Him
Sisterly love, what did I tell you?
10.5/15 Overview:

The story is quite unique in the sense there’s two female characters with the same sleeping power, yet there’s no competition between them. 

It starts off relatively fast-paced with the emperor taking a liking to our female lead. Likewise, it seems our female lead is enjoying the palace much more than her home at the duchy.

Overall it’s a nice story with a relatively original plot. Certain characters might have one too many tropes attached to them, but it’s still enjoyable. 

I really do like this story, but I feel like it’s not progressing as much as I’d like. We’ve “solved” the issue of sleep, but that’s it. Now what? I guess they need to realize their feelings for each other and confess but is that it? 

I’m not sure where the author will take this story in the future. I hope we can get a true solution to the curse, otherwise the manhwa should probably end soon. 

I feel like the story is rushed but it’s not bad per say, especially if you look at it as a comedy. I’m torn because all parts separate from each other are pretty good. It’s only when they’re added together the issues start appearing very clearly.

Despite that, I’d still say you should probably check it out so you can see for yourself if you like it or not.

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