The Villainess Wears an Idiot’s Mask [1st Impression]

The Villainess Wears An Idiot’s Mask starts off as a typical time travel series, but I’m hopeful it’s going to pick up and surprise us.

Alt Titles악녀는 백치가면을 쓴다, Agnyeoneun Baegchigamyeoneul Sseunda, The Villainess Behind the Mask (official title)
CreatorsSeo Riha, 서리하 (Author)
San (Artist)
LicensedYes, English & Lezhin
AdaptedFrom novel probably
GenreDrama,  FantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Gore/blood, Drugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, PsychologicalRomance, Time Travel
The Villainess Wears An Idiot's Mask [1st Impression]

The Villainess Wears An Idiot’s Mask Summary

A great mage acting as an idiot to get revenge On the day of an unwanted wedding, Winsty dies but returns before the wedding. It’s time to take revenge on those who wronged her!

She gets in a contract relationship with the duke of a rival family in order to stop the constant attacks of his parents and her cousin who harms him while aiming for the position of the lord.

She wears an idiot’s mask to regain honour and rights.

The Villainess Wears An Idiot's Mask [1st Impression]
Our female lead suffers from her parents’ death and due to her “sister’s” help, she ends up being called an idiot. Jokes on the sister, since she’s a wizard.

I quite thought the manipulation was portrayed in a good way. The sister makes it seem like the female lead is at fault for her parents’ death, without actively blaming her.

Likewise, she’s trying to comfort her by speaking in a condescending fashion. She speaks as if she doesn’t understand why her words are hurtful.

After dying from her sister’s assassination, she travels back in time to the moment before the wedding. She runs away and ends up at the place of only person she can trust.

Like I said, I’ve seen a lot of these time travel series so I’m feeling extra harsh on this one. However, it does seem to pick up slightly and become more interesting.

Final thoughts: I’m not confident enough to recommend this one, but it’s slightly intriguing despite a typical plot.

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