Ideal us [First Impression]

Ideal us [First Impression]

Ideal Us is very confusing and I’m unsure if the author simply added homosexuality to gain readers. It doesn’t seem to be a lot of actual evidence of it being important to the plot.

Alt Titles[異常] 이상적인 관계, Ideal Relationship, 이상적인 관계
LicensedYes, Manta
AdaptedNot Sure
GenreDrama, RomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Ideal Us [First Impression]

Ideal Us Summary

My crush has a boyfriend?!

Sahee happens to witness a kiss between two of her guy friends, one is her former crush. She’s in shock and confused, which puts a strain on all their interactions.

How will these relationships survive with everyone now living under one roof?!
Ideal Us [First Impression]
Ideal Us is looking pretty confusing so far, yet it’s also relatively interesting.

That being said, I feel like our protagonist is misunderstanding something and not clearing it up with the people it pertain to. This is despite the fact she’s is able to do so, quite easily.

For me, this feels like a cheap way to bring conflict to the table. Especially when there’s a note about homosexuality in the beginning of the story. You’d imagine it will be a lot more focus on someone being gay, yet it’s just being used to forward a normal love triangle.

The plot seems slightly cheap because of this. I would have honestly preferred a story where one is gay and aiming for someone else. Like the other female would be gay and going for our main character. I feel like this isn’t something that will happen, though.

Instead it just seems like a normal love triangle, which we’ve seen a thousand times over. You may as well skip the homosexuality part in the first place, then.

It seems the other female character is liking one of the male characters, who in turn like our female main character.

It just feels like a typical romance story, which is a pity because it has some good qualities. Had the author had some guts, she or he could have made a great story about not being able to like someone due to taboo in society.

These good qualities are sadly being overshadowed by the lack of decent plot. If you’re going to use homosexuality as a point of concern, at least make it believable. I need a pretty darn good reason as to why someone decides to kiss someone else, especially when one party is sleeping.

That’s just not ok, especially if you have no relationship with each other.

I really like the art, even though the colours look slightly washed out. It adds a different feel to the comic, which I’m not used to seeing.

Recommendation: Check it out if you have the time, so far I’m not too sure about it!

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