Love You Anymore

I Don’t Love You Anymore [First Impression]

This story features a very typical plot, with the same “I won’t fall in love with you” trope we’ve seen a thousand times over. Yet, the story is surprisingly enjoyable. 

Alt TitlesI Don’t Love Anymore,  I Don’t Love You Any More,  더 이상 사랑하지 않는다, Je ne t’aime plus,  Я больше не люблю тебя, Deo Isang Saranghaji Anneunda
Creators은해윤/Haeyun Eun (Author), 수수/Susu (Artist)
Licensed?Official French Translation
Official Japanese Translation
Official Indonesian Translation
NovelYes, English translation

Our main character of “I Don’t Love You Anymore” is almost too perfect. She’s seemingly cool, collected and ultimately uncaring towards her father and other characters. Yet, when she is showing emotion, it usually falls flat. She’s crying, but her facial features remain almost perfect. Did you get botox or what?

What I mean with that is simply her facial expression very rarely changes. I can find two reasons for this: either she’s emotionally dead inside or the artist has issues giving her an emotional range. Either could be the case. 

Love You Anymore
Neveah looking back towards Lord Wistash

Now, our main female lead is estranged from her family. She isn’t favoured, never was, even as a child, so I guess she clung to her fiancé a bit more than he wanted to. 

One thing I actually like about the story was her sister. She’s surprisingly cute and their relationship has the potential to be really good. 

Like I previously wrote, the plot is quite typical. Once the female lead breaks it off from her fiancé, he wants her back. You’ve seen it before, it’s hardly something new. It happens in “Father, I don’t want to get married” and many more comics. 

Despite the predictable nature of the comic, I do find it enjoyable and it’s worth taking a look at. Just don’t expect anything spectacular. 

Recommendation: Worth a read if you like historical romance manhwas with a tragic female protagonist.

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