love blossoms in hwawol valley

love blossoms in hwawol valley [First Impression]

Love Blossoms In Hwawol Valley is set in times when gods are commonplace. Our female lead’s life is changing drastically..

Alt Titles어서오세요 화월당입니다
CreatorsPark Sung Sil, Keihong
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
Love Blossoms In Hwawol Valley

Love Blossoms In Hwawol Valley Summary

Sewol’s searching for a miraculous medicinal plant to save her sick sister Dewol. The search brings her all the way to Hwawol Tang, a flower shop run by Woonwu.

Little does she suspect that Woonwu is actually a divine god, the dandy son of the Jade Emperor. Woonwu is kicked out of the heavens by his father for his misdeeds and is living in exile in Hanyang.

As punishment, he cannot set one foot outside Hanyang. However, he is able to cross borders with the help of Hwawol. Together, they search for perpetual snow ginseng, fighting ghouls along the way.

Will they find the miraculous herb in time to save Dewol’s life and regain the Jade Emperor’s favor?

Love Blossoms In Hwawol Valley is a historical fantasy manhwa, set in times where gods exist. Our female protagonist is desperately searching for a snow ginseng to cure her sister.

She somehow stumbles upon the Hwawol valley, not once but twice. It’s clear the gods are having some type of fun with this human and her life.

I quite like the interaction between the male and female lead. They’re adorable together and I can tell it’s going to be a sweet but sad romance.

In an attempt to prove to the female lead that he is indeed a god, he accidentally sends her out on a cliff. Only problem is he can’t leave the valley! So he can’t really save her, so the poor girl is forcing herself to hang on for dear life. Eventually, the goblin saves her but imagine the stress!

Like our god says, thank “god” for the goblin and his help!

I quite like how the female lead is being doted on by the god, in his own way. He’s not outright being nice to her, but showing via actions and gifts. The entire valley feels like some type of dreamland, not quite in the human world and not quite cut off from the divine realms.

Recommendation: Worth reading due to the characters’ cuteness and the beautiful art!

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