Levelling My Husband to the Max [1st Impression]

Levelling My Husband To The Max starts out quite typically, with a woman scorned by her husband. After dying, she decides to redo her life and change everything!

Alt TitlesI Want to Raise My Husband to Full Level, Raising My Husband, Raising My Husband To The Max, 남편을 만렙으로 키우려 합니다, Leveling My Husband To The Max, Nampyeon’eul Manlebeuro Kiuryeo Habnida
CreatorsNuova, 누오바 (Author)
Yuginong, 유기농 (Author)
Cullin, 컬린 (Artist)
AdaptedFrom novel
GenreDramaFantasy,  Historical Mature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomanceTime Travel

Levelling My Husband To The Max Summary

Because of her indifferent husband, Amber dies alone. She regresses to the first night of her marriage…! In order to prevent a repeat of my past life, I’m trying to revive the impoverished duke and have a neat divorce with my husband…

“Please treat me however you want, wife.” I’m flustered by my husband’s 180 degree change!

Levelling My Husband To The Max [1st Impression]
Levelling My Husband To The Max starts off quite typical, with a female lead not receiving her husband’s favour.

Basically, she’s left alone on her wedding night and her husband embarks on a lengthy trip to fight monsters.

However, the female lead refuses to let things happen like they did in the past. She starts taking things in her own hands, clearly putting herself first.

Sadly, the plot feels a bit meh. It’s not bad, but it’s hard to remember anything from the plot or what it’s actually about. I know the female lead will try changing her husband, but that’s about it.

Levelling My Husband To The Max [1st Impression]
Of course, the husband thought she was scared of him or something.

This is the main reason he decides to avoid her on their wedding night, not because he hates her. Or at least that’s what I think is the reason he avoids her in the past.

Honestly it can also be the plot of any of the other manhwa series I’ve been reading. There’s so many of these stories out there, with similar plot points. They all start blending together at one point or the other.

It’s very clear communication between this married couple sucks. If you like that, there’s multiple stories with similar plotlines such as Duchess Of The Glass Greenhouse and The Flower Dances And The Wind Sings.

As for the art, it’s actually quite good. I love how they’ve drawn the male and female lead, although they’re generic looking – at least they’re beautiful!

Final thoughts: So far I’m not hating the story, but I’m holding off on my judgement till I’ve read some more.

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