Husband Anyway

Husband Anyway [First Impression]

Husband Anyway is annoying the life out of me. An unlikable female lead and a weird plot doesn’t bode well for the comic.

Alt TitlesHusband Anyway!, 어차피 남편은!, Eochapi Nampyeon-eun!
CreatorsJjingna [Hja9269, Hong Jin A, 홍진아, 찡나]
AdaptedDon’t think so
Genre ComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life
Husband Anyway [First Impression]

Husband Anyway Summary

Yeon Hong is always humiliated by her boyfriends when they make her experience all sorts of events such as accidents, gambling, cheating, ghosting, etc. when she’s in a relationship.

“When I saw my physiognomy–why, is it saying that my future husband is amongst my past relationships?!

Are you saying that I have to go back to one of my ex-boyfriends?”

Find out which one is going be Hong’s husband for a lifetime!

Husband Anyway [First Impression]
So our female lead is inept at maintaining relationships, which shows herself in the line of exes behind her.

Tired and upset at her inability to maintain a relationship, she’s wowing to find a husband instead. Because that’s making so much more sense if you can’t keep a boyfriend.

According to this man she saw, he claims her future husband is among the exes she has. So now she’s trying to rekindle her relationship with them.

Her first relationship ends when she vomits all over his room, another due to the guy focusing on his gains. You see, our female lead claims she loves only handsome men.

Yet one is practically a bishounen, the other one is more or less a training junkie. Neither are THAT handsome for her to proclaim to like handsome men.

She just seems vain and unlikable in the way she throws herself after these good looking men. Especially considering she’s not exactly fitting into the role of a gorgeous woman herself.

In my opinion, the plot is pretty decent but the main character is annoying and vain. Likewise, the guys aren’t that great either.

I’m not understanding why they all of the sudden want to see her and rekindle their love. It’s all a bit too good timing without any real explanation to why.

I must say I’m slightly disappointed in the art. It’s not the greatest I’ve seen and yes, it works, but that’s barely. I wish it was better, maybe the story would have been more enjoyable then.

Recommendation: Check it out, but don’t have too great expectations on the series.

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