Theory of Human Evolution [Horror Month]

Theory Of Human Evolution is an anthology story, with the first story being quite lengthy. Don’t be evil or rude, it may backfire on you…

Alt Titles人类进化论, Evolution,  Ren Lei Jin Hua Lun, Renlei Jinhualun, Rén Lèi Jìn Huà Lùn, Human Evolution, Mankind’s Theory Of Evolution
CreatorsZhu Gengfu, 祝耕夫, Zhù Gēngfū
LicensedYes, INKR
GenreActionFantasyHorrorMature Warning: DepressionDrugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder,  Gore/bloodRape / Mentions of Rape,  Suicide / Attempted SuicideRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life,SupernaturalThriller,  Drama, Psychological

Theory Of Human Evolution Summary

Mysterious horrors lurk behind every corner, terrifying, but unknown to most of society. Witness as such horrors prey on humans, and in doing so reveal the worst of their humanity

Human Evolution
Theory Of Human Evolution is an anthology series, which features a plethora of different content.

The first story I read was about a guy who receives a package, being told not to open it.

The package contains a box, with lips. Needless to say, the guy will open the package and he’ll sign off his death sentence with it.

As for the guy, he’s a nerd or something like that, which means he’s most likely bullied. He’s comforted by a pretty girl who instantly rejects him, wanting nothing to do with him.

We later find out she was r*ped and he just walks past the incident, leaving her to her fate.

However, we soon realize things aren’t as clear cut as we thought. The first story consists of the first 12 chapters of the anthology, so it’s very lengthy.

However, I did enjoy the story a lot and I feel like most of the people got what they deserved. Except the bullies, which I can’t really understand.

If someone is r*ped, why bully the person? Isn’t it a good enough reason to be kinder to them?!

Final thoughts: Lesson to be learnt, don’t try ruining someone’s life since it’s obviously evil and it may backfire.

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month, where we share some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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