How Did I Become the Princess? [1st Impression]

How Did I Become The Princess? starts off quite typically for a time reversal story, but I still somewhat find it enjoyable.

Alt TitlesStarting From Today I’m a Princess?!, 오늘부터 황녀?!
CreatorsNiweh, 니웨, Niwe (Author)
HAMPIG (Artist)
GenreComedyDramaFantasy, HistoricalMature Warning:  Drugs / Alcohol Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Gore/blood,  RomanceTime Travel

How Did I Become The Princess? Summary

Once upon a time, ​​I was a weary, nameless warrior with neither family nor money.

Some might say this was just my lot in life, but not me. When I am given the chance to return to the past, I take it, hoping to return to simpler times.

However, after turning back time, I am shocked to learn that I am actually Princess Nanael, the long lost daughter of the emperor of Ovyulia.

With my new name and new home, I’m dead-set on not losing my family ever again.

How Did I Become The Princess?
How Did I Become The Princess? is a time-travel fic featuring a female warrior, who is so fed up with her life she wants a new start.

For Better Or For Worse, The First Chapter Is Sped Through At An Incredible Pace. We’re Fed The Backstory, Some Dragon Who Grants Wishes And A Lost Family. All In One Chapter.

I’m not a huge fan of stories with a fast-paced prologue, mainly since they seem rushed and like the author can’t really bother fleshing out the character.

In the first chapter we see our female lead being betrayed and killing everyone who betrays her. She runs away and asks a dragon to reverse time. Due to her life taking a different path, she’s reunited with her long-lost father, the emperor.

Now, I’m not too sold on the quality of the story. First and foremost, the art is lacking in many different areas and I’m not a huge fan of it.

I do want to like the story, but something keeps me from committing too much to it. It just feels “too good” to be true so far and it’s throwing me off.

Final thoughts: Worth a shot, but have low expectations on what may follow.

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