How Dare You [First Impression]

How Dare You [First Impression]

How Dare You and its art is utterly gorgeous and breathtaking! I’m less eager about the story, since our male lead seems to be a typical dominant and self-centred arse.

Alt TitlesDare You, You Dare, 네가 감히
CreatorsGanghuijamae [강희자매] (Author)
Bab (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English Translation
AdaptedFrom Novel
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalRomance
How Dare You [First Impression]

How Dare You Summary

Lawrence Di Bicci is the young president of a bank who is dominating the Kosimo Empire.

One day, while trying to collect the debt of a missing count, he encounters Rahui. She’s the count’s daughter and of mixed origins, who offers to work off the debt with her body:

“Please accept me as a maid.”

Without a doubt, this is one of the most gorgeous artworks I’ve seen in awhile.

There’s just something the way everything is drawn and the way things are shaded. It almost looks like it can pop out from the image into the room.

Sadly enough, I have little hope for the story. The male lead clearly thinks he’s all the shxt and he’s worthy of adoration. He doesn’t seem to consider the female lead as a human being. Instead he sees her as an item to be had.

The summary I posted doesn’t give a full description of the male lead’s mind. Let’s just say he wants her in all shapes and forms, which is hardly a normal and healthy behavior!

I always hesitate recommending stories where the male lead isn’t a decent person. Mainly because I don’t want to celebrate someone acting like a huge tool. I hope the man does become a better person throughout the story, but it’s not enough all the time.

The fact these novels and manhwas keep re-hashing the same old, possessive male lead is annoying.

And harmful to those who are more inclined to think it’s normal. So far I haven’t seen a lot of red flags, but they’re waving in the periphery!

I do hope the female lead is smart and strong enough to stand up for herself in this situation. I hate for her to be cornered into a situation where she’s forced to do anything he wants. She basically sold herself once already, I hope he doesn’t actually force her to do something else but cleaning.

Likewise, I’m not looking forward to seeing the woman he mentions. It seems this woman, Catherine or whatever, is going to be a pain, too. Overall I hope the story surprises me and not just an old re-hashed story with differently named characters.

Recommendation: Give it a go simply because the art is great.

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