: 8 Dark Haired Hot Males in Comics

8 Dark Haired Hot Males in Comics

Kieran from Purple Hyacinth
8 Dark Haired Hot Males In Comics

How was I suppose to not include him? He’s a good looking assassin with brilliant blue, beautiful eyes. The fact he can kill you before you can blink just adds to the charm. He’s probably not fully sane but that’s not going to stop fan girls!

Kieran may have met his match in Lauren, but he’s not going to stop without a fight.

It’s clear Kieran have some regrets in his life, but at the same time, what could he have done? He didn’t have much of a choice joining the Phantom Scythe, at least if he wants to survive. Although sometimes, it may feel like it would have been better to die than to stoop to those levels.

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