: 8 Dark Haired Hot Males in Comics

8 Dark Haired Hot Males in Comics

Hexion from “Just Leave Me Be
8 Dark Haired Hot Males In Comics

They say a man in a uniform is sexy, what about a full armour? Hexion may treat Adele like she’s someone precious to him, but he’s not afraid to show his enemies who’s the boss! That is something Lord Bifta experienced when he tried to keep Adele and Hexion separated from each other.

Hexion is good looking with his black hair and dark eyes. He can look both hot but also cute like a puppy!

Without a doubt, Hexion seems like such a cutiepie towards the female lead, but he’s not a pushover. Sadly the hand is causing him pain and it seems Adele is the only one who can soothe him.

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