Algeria’s Radio: Horror on Air [Horror Month]

Algeria’s Radio: Horror On Air Is An Anthology Series Of Short stories. The Stories are Narrated By A Woman Called Algeria Rei.

Alt TitlesAlgeria’s Radio – Horror On-Air
CreatorsAzam Raharjo
GenreDramaFantasyHorrorMature Warning: Gore/blood Mental / Physical Abuse, PsychologicalSupernatural

Algeria’s Radio: Horror On Air Summary

Algeria Rei is a woman who works as a radio announcer for a program called Horror on Air. She reads and narrates mysterious and supernatural stories, but she doesn’t believe in them

Algeria's Radio - Horror On Air
Algeria’s Radio – Horror On Air features a variety of stories, with a few standing out more than others.

Our main character is Algeria, whom decides which stories she’ll re-tell on the radio show.

I find the idea quite interesting, since it feels like you’re really being told a story. It makes it feel extra special, almost like a story-time.

I quite like how she’s looking through the stories, giving us a good idea about the selection process. As for the stories, I found the first story really interesting.

Horror On Air
The first story is quite a dark story, with some gore and other horrible events.

If you find monsters scary, you may want to skip this one! It doesn’t have a happy ending for some of the people involved.

The 2nd story is definitely unnerving in a whole different way. I actually feel quite unnerved by the story even now. It’s a proof of the creator’s good storytelling!

So there’s seemingly a good variety of stories in this anthology comic. There should be something for everyone here, even if you don’t like gore or blood.

Some stories pray upon your psyche and makes you question what’s actually the truth or not.

Final thoughts: I definitely suggest checking out this comic! The stories are good and so is the art.

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month. We’re sharing some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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