Horror House [Horror Month]

Horror House is a manhwa series focusing on an orphan inheriting a haunted mansion. Things will go awry for the main character due to the people surrounding her!

Alt Titles호러하우스, holeohauseu
Creatorsrui (Author)
Kyoko Taniwaki (Creator)
Horror House [Horror Month]

Horror House Summary

A restaurant run by ghosts!

Kazuko is an orphan with big culinary dreams. One day, she inherits a restaurant from a distant relative with one condition: she must live in the accompanying mansion.

The catch? It’s haunted! With the help of her new ghost friends, Kazuko works toward her dreams and discovers the meaning of family.

Horror House [Horror Month]
In Horror House, orphan Kazuko is given the chance of a lifetime.

However, due to the plots of humans, she’s close to losing everything! However, the people coming to help are actually ghosts…

Turns out the ghosts are less likely to screw her over than humans, who would have thought!

I must say the story is pretty good and short. Manta is currently publishing it via their app, and they’re currently on chapter 27.

The full story is only 31 chapters, including the epilogue. It’s updated every Wednesday, so it’s soon done and just in time for Halloween.

The story is written in such a way that it’s not surprising things go wrong.

As we clearly see in the manhwa, things fall down or the female lead’s naivety causes things to go bad.

There’s seemingly a reason for the whole need to get the plot of land, but we’ve not yet discovered it. You see, our female lead’s distant relative or something wants the land.

He wants it so badly he’s willing to screw her over with a poor deal, just to receive the land.

I hope the “villain” isn’t just a comic-book style villain but actually got a good reason for wanting the land.

Final thoughts: Overall the story isn’t bad, but sometimes the female lead irritates me with her naivety.

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month, where we share some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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