Horror Comics in Time for Halloween [Horror Month]

Death Office by AZUMI Kishi

When people die, they end up in the Ministry of Death, where they must fill out the necessary forms. The paperwork doesn’t end with death! Without paperwork, they can’t ascend to heaven.

Depending on the lives these people lived, their application may not be approved by the employees. Instead, they may end up being sentenced to hell instead!

Follow the daily lives of the employees as they judge and assist the dead in the afterlife.

This is something of an anthology, too.

However, it features a main character who sees a lot of things and scenarios. The first story is truly f*cked up with bullying, bodily harm and suicide.

Honestly, the first story is so messed up I felt sick reading it. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Which one of these stories are you going to check out? Be sure to let me know!

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month, where we share some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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