Horang’s Nightmare

Horang’s Nightmare [Recommendation]

Horang’s Nightmare is a really good collection of interactive horror stories. If you’re a horror enthusiast, this is a must read.

Alt Titles2020 Horang Gongpo Danpyeonseon, 2020 Total Nightmarem, 2020 怪談短編集, 2020 虎狼恐怖短篇選, 2020 호랑 공포 단편선, 鬼異都市傳說動態短篇集, เรื่องสั้นสยองขวัญ 2020, Horang: Una colección de terror, Histoires de cauchemar 2020
CreatorsHo Rang [Ho-Rang, Horang, Хоран, 虎狼, 최종호, 호랑]
LicensedYes. Official English Translation, Official Indonesian Translation, Official Spanish Translation, Official French Translation, Official Thai Translation, Official Traditional Chinese Translation
GenreComicsDramaHorror, [Mature Warning:  Gore, Murder, Suicide] Psychological, Supernatural

The stories found in “Horang’s Nightmare” are a collection of some really popular horror stories. You may remember titles such as The Ghost of Bongcheon-dong or The Ghost of Oksu Station.

Have you ever gotten that eerie feeling that someone’s watching you? That when you turn off the lights, you’re not alone? Read these terrifying ghost stories and try not to scream.

A collection by Korea’s master of horror, Horang.

Summary of Horang’s Nightmare
Horang's Nightmare
Episode 1
The stories are a wide range, with a common theme of horror and partially jump scares. In order to read these stories you can head on over to Webtoons.com and click your way to a separate page. This is necessary to read the stories, so you may find it a bit sketchy but it’s completely safe.

I obviously can’t go into detail about each story since that would be spoiling them. I will say that generally they’re well-written and really great at bringing out a sense of discomfort.

If you go read episode 1, “The Ghost in the School Stairwell” to the end, then scroll back up, you’re in for a surprise! Same thing for “Ghost in The Fridge”. The creator really loves messing with us!

Not only are the stories short and concise, they’re also with added sound effects. This makes it even more horrifying to read the series, since you never know when something might pop out!

Of course, sometimes there are some heart-warming aspects of the stories, but I’ll let you discover that on yourself. I will say, sometimes it’s a bit awkward with the effects but I really do enjoy the effort that was put into making this!

Recommendation: Must read this! Preferably in a dark room…

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