Stories After Dark: Hong Kong [Horror Month]

Stories After Dark: Hong Kong belongs to the same group of horror stories as the Japan version. All of these stories are based in Hong Kong, though!

Alt TitlesJangan Tutup Lampu…: Hong Kong
CreatorsKadokawa Gempak Starz
Yap Zhuo Yong
LicensedYes, INKR
AdaptedFolklore, Urban Legends
GenreDramaHorror,  Mature Warning:  Gore/bloodMurder / Attempted MurderSuicide / Attempted SuicideSupernatural

Stories After Dark: Hong Kong Summary

Welcome, reader, to your worst nightmare! Are you prepared to experience some of Asia’s most blood-curdling tales, collected for your personal fright? Not for the faint of heart or yellow of liver, you have been warned!

Hong Kong
I’ve been trying to find the release date for Stories After Dark: Hong Kong, but with no luck.

The stories are mostly based around folklore and urban legends, but they’re quite interesting. Despite that, the art isn’t the greatest in my eyes.

I honestly quite like most of the stories, but my favourite one is probably “Mother’s Cooking”, “The Spirit Postman” and maybe also “Have You Seen My Hand?”.

All stories have a different set of ghosts, with some benevolent and some malicious in nature. It’s clear we’re not able to explain everything in case some of these ends up being true!

“Mother’s Cooking” is probably one of the more interesting ones, mainly because how unnerving and lovely it is.

“Have You Seen My Hand?” is definitely more horror-themed without any other meaning or feeling behind it, other than to spook viewers.

Final thoughts: Worth checking out if you like folklore and urban legend-based horror stories.

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month, where we share some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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