I really love his bad temper

I really love his bad temper [First Impression]

I was expecting something quite bad from I Really Love His Bad Temper, but at least it had some jokes.

Alt Titles少主好凶我好爱, Shǎo zhǔ hǎo xiōng wǒ hǎo ài, Shao Zhu Hao Xiong Wo Hao Ai
CreatorsAke Culture [A Ke Media, A Ke Wenhua, AKE, Ah Ke Wen Hua, Ake Manga, Ā Kē Wénhuà, 阿柯文化] (Author & Artist)
GenreActionComedyDramaHistoricalIsekai, Romance
I Really Love His Bad Temper [First Impression]

I Really Love His Bad Temper Summary

Twenty-seven-year-old crosses over to the Ming Dynasty due to a car accident and ccomes back to life as a 14 year-old beggar. She stumbles upon two beautiful men.

A young master and the young son, who are plotting to find the former crown prince.

The poisonous tongue is the yin and yang of Xiaohai’s master, and the gentle son is her ”old acquaintance”.

The true identity of the little beggar is closely related to all previous dynasties. Who is behind everything?

The truth was waiting for them to unravel after the fog.

I Really Love His Bad Temper [First Impression]
Even with the synopsis, I still got no idea what the plot is. All I see are random meetings between the female lead and the male lead. Not that it’s a bad thing, but hard to progress a plot that way.

The female lead got isekai’d into the Ming Dynasty since she got run over by a car. I’m not sure if she got run over by the car owner at first or not. However, she starts arguing with him so he actually does end up running her over. Speaks volume over how stupid the female lead really is. Don’t argue with someone who can kill you. Like, come on.

Despite a few chapters, we still no close to nothing about the plot. It progresses slowly and even worse are the short chapters which disables any plot progression. You can honestly just combine two chapters for a full length chapter, if you’re lucky.

I must say I did quite enjoy one of the earlier jokes, which caught me by surprise. At least that was funny, so maybe there’s some hope for this story. Sadly the story’s non-existent plot so far is kind of annoying me.

Recommendation: It’s not bad, but the chapters are short so may want to wait for more until you start reading. Still unsure what the hell the plot is, though.

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