The Hidden Saintess [1st Impression]

The Hidden Saintess is a reincarnation story, starting out quite sad. However, our female lead is reborn and has a new chance at a normal life.

Alt TitlesLa Santa Oculta, The Hidden Saint, 숩겨진 성녀
CreatorsYeon Seul-ah, 연슬아 (Author)
Yamageddon, 야마겟돈 (Artist)

The Hidden Saintess Summary

Many years ago, there lived a knight who loved a saintess. Not wanting to hurt her with his personal feelings, he made sure to always keep a safe distance.

However, the saintess eventually died in his arms and the devastated knight swore, with bitter anguish, ‘If you get a chance at another life, I’ll make sure that you will no longer live as a saintess.’

After a long 300 years, the saintess was reborn. Will their wishes finally come true in this life?

The story starts off with the death of the saintess and a knight trying to protect her.

Initially a very sad start, but we soon realize it’s only the beginning of the plot. More is to come, for both of these people.

Our female lead is reborn, about 300 years laters. She’s having dreams about a knight and she’s broaching the topic to her family, only for them to laugh at her.

Turns out she’s not mistaken about her ideas, the family just don’t want her to know what’s going on. I quite love the family, the way they react may not be nice but they seem to love the female lead a lot.

I initially thought the story would be a time-travel story, but it’s a reincarnation tale.

The male lead seems suspicious, but I assume he’s the guy who was the knight in the past.

The story seems to have a light tone, but I’m not sure how much is actually true. There’s definitely some darker ideas and happenings, but it doesn’t seem to be too graphic.

The female lead is a bit naive, but she’s also quite adorable. I suppose it does make sense, considering she’s a young noblewoman. Her idea and knowledge of the world would be limited.

One complaint is how quickly the plot is progressing, since it makes the feelings feel less impactful.

Final thoughts: I think it’s a cute romance, but I’m not necessarily sure it’s a great story.

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