Give a heart to the emperor

Give a heart to the emperor -First Impression

Give A Heart To The Emperor is an isekai story where the female lead know she’s going to die. Like most heroines, she wants to prevent this!

Alt TitlePlant a Heart in the Emperor, Please Give a Heart to the Emperor, Please Plant a Heart in the Emperor, 황제에게 하트를 심어주세요, A Heart For The Emperor (official title)
CreatorsBesi (Author)
Coconut Berry, Yullimni (Artists)
LicensedYes, TappyToon
AdaptedFrom Novel (by 6S)
GenreRomanceDramaFantasy,  HistoricalIsekai,  Mature Warning:  Murder / Attempted Murder, Gore/blood, Suicide / Attempted Suicide
Give A Heart To The Emperor
Novel cover

Give A Heart To The Emperor Summary

Our female lead is waking up in the world of a novel she was previously reading. In the novel, the male lead’s mother abuses him throughout his childhood.

The novel’s female lead is healing the scars his mother left on him, including all the damage his father causes.

The protagonist’s mother is Charlion, a princess belonging to the kingdom of Renoa. Renoa is the fourth kingdom to go under due to the Emperor’s conquest.

He only stops his slaughtering when he gazes upon Charlion and falls madly in love. However, she is holding no love for the man who was slaughtering her family and destroying her kingdom.

Due to her own mental trauma, she abuses her son and eventually commits suicide.


Give A Heart To The Emperor
Give A Heart To The Emperor is pretty complicated at first glance, but it’s actually not that bad.

In the novel of Give A Heart To The Emperor’s our female lead ends up in is one where she dies in the future.

You see, this story is a prequel to the novel she was reading before. In the upcoming story, she gives birth to a child and abuses him.

She later on commits suicide due to her own trauma, stemming from the slaughter of her family and destruction of the kingdom. I feel so bad for her, and it makes sense for her to feel this way.

I wasn’t able to read too much of the story, but from what I was reading, I like it. Our female lead is trying to save herself and her family from the male lead. Considering he is the one who is going to slaughter her family, I get why.

In the original novel, Charlion, our female lead, is taken to the enemy kingdom and forced into marrying the emperor. It makes sense she doesn’t love the emperor or the child she conceives with him.

So far the story is doing a pretty nice job of introducing the plot, but it lacks the finesse seen in other stories.

Instead of taking the time, everything is being tossed at us in the first chapter. This leaves us feeling overwhelmed with information. We’re unable to discern what’s important to our story just now.

A better way would be to take the time to slowly pace out the plot points, giving us time to digest it. We do not need the plot being tossed at us like confetti, it doesn’t do any good. As for the plot so far, our princess belongs to the fourth kingdom which is going to go under due to the emperor.

So far the first kingdom has seen its demise, so Charlion is desperately trying to assess whether or not there’s a way to stop the war from progressing. Little does she expect the emperor will fall in love with her this time around, too.

Recommendation: I quite like the story, definitely think it’s worth keeping an eye on it. The male lead is also pretty hot, loving the red hair.

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