Heart Beat Plan [Manhua - First Impression]

Heart Beat Plan [Manhua – First Impression]

Heart Beat Plan is a cute love story, with the addition of a VR game. I suppose that makes it a lot easier to talk to your crush!

Alt TitlesHeart Planning, Xīndòng Jìnhuà, Xindong Jihua, Heartbeat Plan, 心动计划
CreatorsChi Miao Miao [赤喵喵__] (Author), M (Artist)
LicensedNo, Chinese
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life
Heart Beat Plan

Summary of Heart Beat Plan:

A VR game called “Heartbeat Plan” has gained over whelming popularity worldwide and was just launched in China. The game’s main topic is related to love and exploration.

Our introverted heroine found out that her secret crush is also playing that game, and thus a tangled love story is about to begin quietly…

Heart Beat Plan

I was expecting to hate this one, but I kind of like it. The art isn’t anything amazing but it’s cute and it fits the mood of the story.

The whole VR thing is actually a pretty good idea to start becoming more confident. It’s definitely a tool to help you, if you suffer from insecurities, too.

Our character’s aren’t too obnoxious and to be fair, our protagonist does something proactive about her insecurities. She is trying her best, but it’s not easy.

Of course, VR gaming may not be the solution to her confession problems, but at least it can give her a confidence boost.

It’s also super adorable how the class president spends time helping her. It’s so clear he at least likes her. Of course, when it comes to our own relationships it’s not that easy to see.

The class president is actually really cute and considerate. Boyfriend material there! I just want them to take the step and become a couple!

Recommendation: If you like cute and romantic school stories, this is a good one.

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