He Stole My Heart

He Stole My Heart [Manhua – First Impression]

I wanted to like this story but “He Stole My Heart” fell flat, like most of these manhuas do. 

Alt Titles He Stole My Heart, 他撩人又偷心, Dance Among The Stars, Si Penggoda Hati, Vừa Thả Thính Vừa Đánh Cắp Trái Tim
CreatorsCloud Studio
LicensedYes, MangaToon
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life

Summary of He Stole My Heart

“An accident on the ski slope ruined Shen Xingchen’s dream of ballet, and also made her completely comatose, unwilling to wake up and face such a cruel world.

However, with the help of all those who truly loved her, she got a chance to stand up again and chase her dreams.

How will she fight the setbacks in the future this time?”

He Stole My Heart

The initial idea behind the story wasn’t bad but the execution is just god awful. The chapters are so short, nothing of value can be filled within them. 

As for the art, it’s decent in the closeups, maybe even quite pretty. A look from a wider angle and it’s bad.  Anatomy details are wonky, clothing lines aren’t great, either.

It just looks poorly made. It’s like an assistant filled in the body whilst the artist drew the face. The consistency is just bad, since some pictures are decent.

The female lead is supposed to impress some important figure, so she even goes to Switzerland. She somehow found this information online and has the money. Talk about safety thinking in manhuas. I just can’t get behind these stupid plots that never, ever make any sense.

Recommendation: No, just skip this one…

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