Hanyang Diaries [Recommendation]

Hanyang Diaries is a manhwa set in a historical setting in Korea. Cheongdam, our female lead, is going to have two men fighting over her.

Alt Titles한양 다이어리
CreatorsNokeum [Nogeum, Nogum, Nokum, 녹음] (Author)
STUDIO JEMI [스튜디오재미] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Manta.net
GenreDrama,  HistoricalMature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholGore/bloodMurder / Attempted Murder, Romance
Hanyang Diaries [Recommendation]

Hanyang Diaries Summary

Come see Joseon’s hippest new spot!

Mystery and romance take Cheongdam, the owner of a trendy shop in the middle of Joseon’s hottest new area, by storm!

Will she be swept off her feet by the dashing Eul Jiro, or his friend, the mysterious Yi Taewon?

Hanyang Diaries [Recommendation]
I’m liking the story a lot, but for some reason I’m having a bad gut feeling about the romance.

You see, our female lead is Cheongdam and she’s not exactly of noble stature.

Her friend, or something like that, is going to participate in a selection to become queen and marry the king. Now, the king is technically king in name only, he’s not exactly having a lot of influence.

The king and his friend are often times heading outside, mainly to the town where Cheongdam is living. Once there, things heat up and stuff goes awry.

Hanyang Diaries [Recommendation]
Sadly the story is slightly confusing, simply because there’s a lot of information.

I have a feeling we’re looking at a love square at this point, but I’m not sure.

The story is bit of a comedy-drama, but there’s definitely more underneath the surface. The political aspects are a bit confusing, but the art is at least very nice!

I’m shipping our female lead with both male leads, because both seem pretty decent.

I’ll assume she’s going to end up with the king, but who knows what twists the story will throw at us!

Final thoughts: I definitely think you should check it out if you like historical manhwa series.

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