There’s No Use Hanging On [First Impression]

There’s No Use Hanging On starts off normal enough. We have a female lead’s love interest betrays her, so normal stuff.

Alt TitlesIt’s No Use Hanging On, It’s Useless to Hang On, Maedallyeodo Soyongeopseo, Sia-Sia Saja Bergantung, There’s No Use in Hanging On, 매달려도 소용없어
CreatorsCandySoda [Candy Soda, 캔디소다] (Author)
Golae [whale, 고래] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Tappytoon Indonesian
GenreDramaFantasyHistorical, Mature Warning: Gore/blood,  Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Romance
Hanging On

There’s No Use Hanging On Summary

Kaira willingly risks her life to make her love, Prince Reagan, emperor.

But when the man she sacrifices it all for crowns her cousin as empress instead of her, she loses the will to live.

It’s only when she’s finally succumbs to a lethal dose of poison that she meet the tears of a heartbroken Prince Faylon. She realizes she’s wasting her love on the wrong person.

Vowing to exact revenge if ever given the chance, Kaira is thrust back in time to right the wrongs.

As she joins hands with Prince Faylon and sets out to punish those who conspires against her. She’ll discover a world she takes for granted and seek to correct the course of her fate.

TappyToon Comics
There's No Use Hanging On [First Impression]
There’s No Use Hanging On seems fairly normal and it’s not starting off interesting for me.

Like normal stories, our female lead is smitten with an @rsehole and he ends up betraying her.

Are we honestly feeling surprised by this? I’m not exactly fazed by the start of the manhwa since we’ve seen this too many times. Literally, it’s always the fake male lead betraying the female lead for their sibling.

Our female lead is naive then she decides to get revenge, great. I’m not exactly surprised by this either and it’s honestly quite a boring start to the manhwa series.

There's No Use Hanging On [First Impression]
I’m not hating the story but the initial few chapters are just so boring.

We have an annoying cousin who is eager for the empress position and is using her words to nestle her way into the family.

I’m not saying it’s not changing for the better later on, but what I’m reading is just unimaginative and quite boring.

I’m also not liking the hairstyles for the female lead or the art in general. It’s just a bit awkward-looking and I wish more effort was put into the female lead’s hairstyles.

Final thoughts: I’m not hating the story but I’m definitely not going to continue reading this. It’s a bit unimaginative and I’ve seen this too often.

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