Handsome Target Acquired [First Impression]

Handsome Target Acquired is an isekai manga, attempting to be funny but failing quite miserably. Not my cup of tea, at all.

Alt TitlesIt Was Confessed From The Target, 観賞対象から告白されました, Kansho taisho kara kokuhaku sa remashita.  
CreatorsSAGAWA Shin (Author)
Yachuu Panda [Touya Yashuu, やっちゅうパンダ, 夜愁とーや] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics (download app)
AdaptedLight novel
Genre DramaIsekaiRomance, Comedy
Handsome Target Acquired [First Impression]

Handsome Target Acquired Summary

Lorraine, the daughter of an ordinary aristocrat, maintains one hobby from her past life: fangirling over handsome idols! Plus, it seems like everyone in this new world is drop-dead gorgeous!

One day, Jeremiah, the handsomest one of them all, asks her to pretends to be his lover. Of course, Lorraine is going to refuse, but she is completely overwhelmed by his beauty and aura up close… Weak at the knees, Lorraine accepts his request!

After all, she’s just being his fan, right? A dreamy romantic comedy about a girl who loves handsome idol men!

Handsome Target Acquired [First Impression]
I’m not loving the story, but I admit the plot is relatively unique sometimes.

In the world our female lead reincarnates to, everyone has memories of their past lives. They remember being pilots, nurses and so on, which is quite interesting.

Of course, our female lead is no one special, according to herself. She is a student, or was, and she’s only half-decent looking. Of course, maybe her biggest flaw is the fact she’s not trying to be anything but ordinary.

We somehow have the male lead proposing a fake relationship (cliché a plenty here).

She’s of course being stunned by his beauty and handsomeness, accepting his request.

Despite the fact her friend, or something, says she’s very interested in the man! So we can only assume this is going to be a huge issue between the two in the future.

Even if the manga is supposedly a comedy, I find the creators forcing the humor and it’s not actually funny. I hate the female lead trope where they can only have an interest surrounding fangirling over men.

Recommendation: I think you can safely skip reading this manga and read something else. It’s not anything special, from what I can tell.

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