I’ve reincarnated as a handmaiden [First Impression]

I’ve Reincarnated As A Handmaiden is an isekai story, set in an otome game. Our female lead is a maid, working for a potential villainous princess!

Alt TitlesTenseishimashite Genzai wa Jijo Degozaimasu., 転生しまして、現在は侍女でございます, 转生女仆 ~ 我养成的公主可不能变成恶役女配~
CreatorsTAMAYURA Natsume (Author)
TANAKA Tetete [田中ててて] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics

I’ve Reincarnated As A Handmaiden Summary

Yulia is reincarnated in a world set before the start of an otome game.

She starts working as a maid in the castle, but she is serving the princess who appears as a villain in the game!

“I won’t let this cute princess become a villain!” Rumours spread that she’s as a tough, impregnable maid and she herself will make sure to show the princess happiness!

he will use her knowledge of her previous life and the life of magic to change the future of the game is what she thought, but for some reason, a knight who shows interest in her appears!

Not taking falling in love into consideration, follow this talented maid through her fantasy! 

I’ve Reincarnated As A Handmaiden [First Impression]
I haven’t really read a lot of chapters, but the story seems relatively interesting.

Our female lead is focusing solely on her princess and she’s busy trying to become a handmaid. She has some weak magic skills, which is ending up perfectly for a maid’s situation.

Apparently she makes perfect tea, which means she has some skills becoming a handmaiden. She’s clearly loving the princess, more so a friend or mother, than a maid.

So far I’m not sure about the story’s characters, but I quite like the maid’s personality. It’s clear she and the princess are having a close relationship, with ups and downs.

She’s trying her best to avoid the princess becoming a villainess, but the other maids are spoiling the princess rotten.

The whole situation with the princess and her family is interesting, too.

As it seems, the princess is the child of a king’s concubine, whom sadly dies earlier in the story’s timeline. However, there’s also a queen and her son, which is next in line to the throne.

The queen is rude to the princess, basically saying she’s only good for marriage. Needless to say, the princess isn’t exactly happy over these comments.

The female lead is trying her best to keep up her behaviour, but she’s sometimes slipping up. She can’t help feeling the princess is cute and deserving more love!

Final thoughts: The story seems interesting enough, but I’m not loving it yet. I’ve yet to read many chapters so I assume it’s going to be getting more interesting later on.

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