Lengxie Hades [First Impression]

Lengxie Hades is a story with some great art, but I’m not sure about the story/plot. It’s an isekai story where the female lead dies and marries a king!

Alt Titles冷邪冥王的心尖宠, Lěng xié míngwáng de xīnjiān chǒng, Leng Zie Ming Wang De Xin Jian Chong,
CreatorsNine Summer Anime [九夏动漫, Jiu Xia Dongman]
LicensedNo, can read here in Chinese

Lengxie Hades Summary

Kwan Xie dies and goes to the underworld, where she’s now the fiancé of the underworld’s king. Turns out he doesn’t want to marry a demon princess, so he rather marry Kwan Xie.

All Kwan Xie wants is to return home, but she destroys the jade amulet due to her ungraceful landing in the underworld.

Either wait a few thousand years or marry the king… whatever should she do?!

Lengxie Hades is quite an interesting story, although I didn’t read a lot of it.

The art is pretty darn great, too and it’s honestly not surprising. Most of the stories have good art and this isn’t any exception.

The male lead is quite good looking, with silvery hair and yellow eyes.

He usually hides his face behind a mask, mainly because he thinks his face is too hot to look at, or something like that.

It honestly reminds me of “My Husband Hides His Beauty / My Secretly Hot Husband“, but the reversal of the whole face complex.

As I wrote in the summery, the female lead lands on the jade medallion and breaks it. So the king can’t physically send her back to her world, unless she can wait around 490,000 years.

Final thoughts: I quite like the story, but I’m not fully sure about it yet. It’s not bad, but the story isn’t too unique but at least the art is nice.

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