Rebirth of the Great God

Rebirth of the Great God [First Impression]

Rebirth Of The Great God is a cultivation story set in ancient China. It seems like your average manhua and nothing too special.

Alt Titles重生之我是大天神
CreatorsYuzhe (愚者)
GenreActionDramaFantasyHistoricalReversal of Time

Summary of Rebirth Of The Great God

The God of Heaven, also known as “Lin Hao Tian”. He is an immortal genius. He was killed jointly for threatening the status of many fairy lords.

At the end of the day, he worked hard to break free from the shackles of time and was born again as a boy. This life will certainly be rewritten and returned to the top of the universe.

Spooky people

I honestly have very little idea what is going on in this story. The main character lost all of his cultivation by using some shard and was transported to his uncle’s house.

We’re then given information how he’s supposed to marry some girl, but her mother doesn’t want them to marry. Our main character then leaves for a buddhist temple. Soon after he’s interrupted by some soldiers who are hunting a tiger.

Rebirth Of The Great God [First Impression]
Of course, instead of killing the tiger he immobilizes it by flicking something at it. This is a tiger who basically downed armed men fighting it. I suppose this is to show how powerful he is but it’s kind of cheesy.

Our main character seems a bit like a prideful brat, too. He was saying something about conquering the world, which is something villains usually say.

I hate to be negative, but I feel like these cultivation stories are just basically the same. It just feels like a pointless waste to even try to read this one.

Overall I’ve seen worse stories, but this isn’t anything special, either. It’s also a good thing we have a summary, because nothing is explained within the first few chapters. Which is kind of important for new readers.

Recommendation: You can probably skip this one with good consciousness

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