Say Ah, the Golden Spoon Is Entering [1st Impression]

Say Ah, The Golden Spoon Is Entering is an isekai story about a woman trying her best to find a man! The story is a lot better than I make it seem.

Alt TitlesAh Yes the Golden Spoon Has Arrived!, Katakan Ah Sendok Emas Akan Masuk, Oh Yes a Golden Spoon!, 请张嘴 金汤勺来了, 아 하세요 금수저 들어갑니다
CreatorsPortofino, 포르토피노 (Author)
SHIN Yoo-sung, SHIN Yuseong, 신유성 (Artist)
GenreComedy,  DramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiRomance
Say Ah, The Golden Spoon Is Entering [1st Impression]

Say Ah, The Golden Spoon Is Entering Summary

After living a miserable live in Korea as a poor corporate slave, I reincarnated into the world of a book I had recently read!

And as the rich noble daughter and heir to the most dominant family in the South, Adelaide Sergio, at that!

Sure, my little brother may be somewhat… evil, and my little sister is a back-stabbing white lotus, but hey I’m still fated to inherit the family at the end of the day!

Now I have two weeks until my father returns to find myself the best groom in the Empire!

Someone young, capable and handsome would be perfect, but it’s just a contract marriage anyway, so I really do not have the time to search thoroughly.

Adelaide looked at him resentfully, not licking her lips.

It may have be embarrassing in front of the statue-like Commander of Knights, but she’s already learned from the depths of her bones that this man is also a beast.

“Ah… that’s it.”

Killian approached her with a charming smile and locked her in his arms. A voice whispered against shoulder and into her ear.

“You never said you had a problem with this.”

Say Ah, The Golden Spoon Is Entering [1st Impression]
Say Ah, The Golden Spoon Is Entering starts off with a typical isekai plot, but I quite like our female lead.

She’s hardworking and is definitely in her right element.

Knowing the story, she’s trying to prevent her sister from causing too much chaos in the capital. However, in doing so the sister ends up almost messing up the female lead’s life instead!

Namely, the female lead’s partner ends up being stolen away by her sister!

As per usual, the female lead finds out about the rule about being married and inheriting the family.

Say Ah, The Golden Spoon Is Entering [1st Impression]
She desperately searches for a man to marry and ends up finding a good candidate.

The only issue is that he’s not exactly swayed by her charms, at least in the beginning.

It’s clear the male lead is a bit a of a tsundere or something, since he refuses to acknowledge his own feelings. As for the story, it’s not exactly a breathtaking new story, but it’s quite enjoyable.

The art is really good, too and I quite enjoy the character designs. The female lead is pretty but not overly soo and the male lead just screams “cold”.

Final thoughts: Although I definitely can’t say it’s a top 10 story, it’s hardly bad and it’s quite interesting.

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