The golden forest [Recommendation]

The Golden Forest is an interesting fantasy story, set in a time and world different from ours. A love story for the ages.

Alt TitlesGolden Forest, Hwanggeumsup, 황금숲
CreatorsGyeon-Ji [Kyeonji, 见指, 견지], YUN Sori [윤소리] (Authors)
Ryuhwa [류화] (Artist)    
LicensedOfficial English Translation
GenreDramaFantasy,  Mature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRape / Mentions of Rape
The Golden Forest [Recommendation]

The Golden Forest Summary

“Don’t forget. You owe me a life, and you’re promising to be mine.”

Reniae receives a blessing with the ability to charm men by the goddess Inanna. But for her, it feels more like a curse.

After being taken as a slave to the Golden Forest, she flees to the Northland where she finds Kun… and saves his life.
The Golden Forest [Recommendation]
The Golden Forest is a really interesting story, which has it’s own religion and story.

There’s basically myths and religion which are very similar to the Christian story about how the world came to be.

We have 7 days and nights of some stuff happening, but it’s also a love story between a woman and two other beings. Our female lead receives a blessing, which makes her the target for all men she meet.

In the flashbacks we see many men trying to rape her, including when she’s a child. Somehow, all these men end up dead but not because she wants them dead. It just happens like that, almost like her blessing/curse is protecting her.

The Golden Forest [Recommendation]
Someone in the “golden forest” has some obsession towards her and she runs away from him.

Somehow she ends up in the north and settles in amongst other raiders and whatnot. Some realize her being a

She meet Kun, a northlander and she becomes friendly with him after saving his life. He returns after awhile, slaughtering everyone in the cave.

Our female lead feels like Kun is different, slaughtering everyone without caring if they’re her or not. Obviously this is upsetting her quite a bit, thinking he doesn’t care about her.

Sadly enough, she also realizes the male lead has moved on and marries someone else. He’s even expecting a child with her, so obviously the female lead is upset.

Final thoughts: I quite like the story, it has a lot of intricate plot points but there’s a lot of text and talking. It’s a bit difficult to fully grasp everything in the first go.

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