Global Examination [First Impression]

Global Examination seems like a great manhua, with an interesting plot and great art. It’s definitely not a shoujo series, though.

Alt Titles全球高考, Quánqiú gāokǎo
CreatorsBai Meng She [White Dream Society, 白梦社]
Jinjiang Wenxue Cheng [晋江文学城]
Mu Su Li [木苏里]
You Ma Wenhua [有马文化]
LicensedOfficial English
AdaptedOriginally a novel
Genre ActionDrama, Mature Warning: Gore/bloodMurder / Attempted Murder, PsychologicalSci-FiShounen Ai/ YaoiSupernaturalThriller
Global Examination [First Impression]

Global Examination summary

This is an examination that puts your life at stake. Answer a plethora of questions, pass the exam, and you may live.

Two-faced examiner, Qin Jiu, meets the cold examinee, You Huo.

In this inhumane system, both of them who have lost their memories go head to head against each other.

Despite that, they have a strong mutual understanding. Alarms go off and the system collapses time and time again. During which, their memories gradually return.

It turns out that even at the end of the world where there’s only dust left, you’re still the first person I met.

What’s so great about this system?

We’ll just destroy it. The world is brilliant and grand still, so welcome home.

Global Examination [First Impression]
Global Examination is an interesting manhua, focusing on some test or examination.

The participants are seemingly picked at random, with anything from elderly to a pregnant woman.

All of the participants need to solve a puzzle or quiz, but if they fail to do so, punishment awaits.

Our protagonist seems to be immune to the punishments, which means the examiner is the one who will face consequences later on.

Global Examination [First Impression]
Needless to say, sparks are flying between one of the participants and the examiner.

Both seem to have memory loss, but I’m not exactly sure what’s going on between them. It seems to be something happening the more they break the rules.

Overall I’m quite liking the story, despite it being a manhua more oriented towards action and that sort-of thing. It’s not bad and the art is pretty darn good, too.

Final thoughts: If you like battle royale-esque series, this may be for you! Also if you like shounen ai/boy’s love, you may want to check this one out.

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