Glass Wall [First Impression - Manhwa]

Glass Wall [First Impression – Manhwa]

I love myself a good historical drama such as Glass Wall. I also love a good story where character development is achieved through setbacks and painful trauma. 

Alt TitlesGlass Block, Glass no Kabe, Liuli Zhi Bi, Yooli’eui Byeog, 유리의 벽, ガラスの壁, 琉璃之壁
CreatorsCHOHO (Alt names: 조호, Cho Ho, Jo Ho, Joho)
License?Not in English
Official Japanese Translation
Official Indonesian Translation
Official Thai Translation
GenreDramaHistorical, Romance
Glass Wall fits all those boxes. We’re following our main protagonist, Lilliana Pence as she’s starting out on the top only to end up falling to the bottom. Opposite we have Mr. Edwards who seem to detest nobility yet he becomes rich himself.

In “Glass Wall” both have prejudices towards other social classes than the one they’re belonging in. Both lack understanding of each other. Where our main female lead seemingly becomes infatuated by Mr. Edwards, he shares no such feelings towards her. In fact, it seems he detests her. 

Glass Wall

When tragedy strikes, which it always does, our main female lead becomes stronger from it. Due to events outside of her control, she starts experiencing how it feels to be on the receiving end of the whip (figuratively speaking). 

It’s true that Lily Pence has closed her eyes to events occurring in her life, but what is she supposed to do? If you’re raised in a certain way, it becomes natural to be behaving in a certain way, as well.

We’re shaped by our upbringing. I feel like Mr. Edward was quite rude to her, unjustly so. It’s true she’s behaving the way he described her, but it was almost personal. Like he had an issue with her specifically, and not the entire social class. 

From the story, we gather our main male lead seemingly struggle with this in his own personal life. He adds his own value and feelings to someone else.

Something he has no business doing. I think the story is great, because it shows the two classes shifting and becoming a counterbalance towards each other. 

The only issue I see with the manhwa is the art. It has a very special art style that some may be struggling with. Personally, I feel like it’s adding charm and I quite like it.

Recommendation: Read if you enjoy historical drama with a touch of misery and potential romance. 

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