Duchess of the Glass Greenhouse

Duchess of the Glass Greenhouse [First Impression]

Duchess Of The Glass Greenhouse is a sad story about a mother wanting to do everything for her baby. The story is twisted, since both main characters are in the wrong.

Alt Titles유리온실의 공작 부인, Duchess of the Glass House, Yurionsil’eui Gongjag Buin
CreatorsTak Ri [탁리] (Author) – Gong Gial [공기알] (Artist)
LicensedKorean Webtoon. Tapas (24/10-21)
AdaptedYes, Novel
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: AbuseDepressionPsychologicalRomance
Duchess Of The Glass Greenhouse [First Impression]
Novel cover is gorgeous

Duchess Of The Glass Greenhouse Summary

Reina is born from in a highly noble family and become the wife of Duke Heathville. However, rather than happiness, she ultimately dies miserably.

Her husband despises her and even her child istaken away from her. Yet, in her final moments, when Reina finally gives up on everything… she is given a second chance.

Duchess Of The Glass Greenhouse [First Impression]
Female lead Reina
Duchess Of The Glass Greenhouse is a complex story about human emotion.

Our female lead has the opportunity to rectify some of her mistakes in the past. You see, in her previous life she dies and her son seems to be scared of her. Even her husband cares nothing for her, treating her coldly.

I’m not sure, but I’m getting the feeling the woman who cares for the son is having an affair with the duke. Maybe it’s the fiancée he ends up breaking up with?

As we uncover what exactly happens, it’s clear Reina is far from innocent in the story. Yet, due to the abuse she experiences from her family, is it that shocking she clings to someone who offers her advice? Someone who offers her kindness? I suppose not, yet the way it’s being implied doesn’t do a lot to raise sympathy for Reina.

Duchess Of The Glass Greenhouse [First Impression]
Male lead
I think we’re told Reina’s obsession with the duke causes him to break off his engagement with his current fiancée.

Due to Reina belonging to a good and powerful family, his family is forcing him to accept the marriage proposal.

If he loves his fiancée, imagine how this must sting for him. Despite that, he could at least treat Reina with somewhat more respect. In this relationship, it seems both are at fault for how they behave. It’s hard to not sympathies with the male lead who probably didn’t want to marry the female lead.

When she’s even refusing to touch her baby, I’d also be worried about the child and have someone else care for it. Not that it’s the “right” course of action, but if he held no positive feelings for her… I suppose that’s how you’d behave.

The main villain in this story originally is the father, who blames Reina for everything going bad. She’s apparently “cursed”, due to bad events happening around her. Even if something is just an accident, it goes to show how some people will never come to terms with their own grief.

Overall the story seems to be quite good and I hope it becomes licensed so more people can enjoy it!

Recommendation: The story is both sad and frustrating, I’m looking forward to how Reina will take charge of her 2nd chance at life!

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