Fate Through a Glass Darkly3

Fate Through a Glass Darkly [First Impression]

Fate Through A Glass Darkly is a supernatural shoujo ai series, featuring two protagonist looking very different from each other.

Alt TitlesСудьба сквозь зловещее зеркало, 懵懂镜缘, Meng Dong Jing Yuan, MĚNG DǑNG JÌNG YUÁN
CreatorsZhongyi (Author) – Xiye [夕也] (Artist)
GenreDramaRomanceShoujo Ai / YuriSupernatural
Fate Through A Glass Darkly [First Impression]

Fate Through A Glass Darkly Summary

Jiang Xiaoman, a university student and online writer, inherits a mysterious job from her father. Working as the archdemon Qin Lan’s assistant, she begins to tackle strange cases with Qin Lan.

As the two clashing personalities band together to solve each bizarre yet heart-rending case, they develop special feelings towards each other.

Fate Through A Glass Darkly [First Impression]
I quite like the premise of this story, since it features paranormal aspects.

Normally it would be Jiang Xiaoman’s dad whose working with Qin Lan. However, since he’s sick the role falls on his daughter who initially thought she was quite heartless.

As it turns out, Qin Lan is far from a mean bully, but she’s definitely a tough cookie with a soft center. During one of their first outings, she’s trying her best to help a ghost.

Even the car we see in the manhua is a paranormal being, since it swallows our protagonist’s scooter whole! Imagine having a car like that, would be nice for storage.

My biggest issue is really just how big the difference is between our two female leads. Jiang Xiaoman looks like a kid, and Qin Lan looks like she’s in her 30s. Apparently this is shoujo ai but I’m not sure I can ship these two… they look like a mother and daughter.

It looks like we’re seeing some type of scenario in a different dimension, with a young woman. I have no idea what’s going on, but it suggests the story is more involved than the first few chapters hint at.

Recommendation: It’s kind of a cute story, but I’m not sure what we can expect. Check it out if you want.

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