Give to the Heart [First Impression]

Give to the Heart [First Impression]

Give To The Heart is an interesting story set in a world which seems very similar, but also different, from ours. We also have a sexy god who terrorises his wife, less cool.

Alt TitlesHeart to Give, Отданное сердце, 献给心脏, 심장에게 주다
CreatorsWann  [JI Wan, Джи Ван, 지완]
LicensedYes – Official English Translation, Official English Translation (Manta)
Give To The Heart [First Impression]

Summary of Give To The Heart

Earth suffers a cataclysm. Three godlike beings emerge to rule over survivors.

Overlord Ga-nok controls all waters. He nourishes nations with rain or blights them with drought.

Yet, despite his terrifying abilities, the Water King can’t win the heart of the woman Sui because the human heart contains more intense storms than even he can create.

Furthermore, Sui seeks to fulfill a vendetta… and the power to slay the Water King.

Give To The Heart [First Impression]
Chapter 0, which counts as the prologue, has a lot of information about the world. I’m not going to lie, it’s not exactly an easy read to remember. Only thing I remembered was something about a fickle water god.

The actual backstory about the planet was given a lot better. A certain character does something and the crowd starts talking, which enables us to give a nice exposition without too much “text heavy” squares filling the pages.

In the beginning we’re introduced to a blond, male character who we assume would be the main character. However, it seems he’s just there to create some urgency for the story.

We’re soon being introduced to the water king, and his wife.. Runaway wife. Needless to say, they’re not exactly happy together. It seems the female hates the male, but the male has some twisted affection for the female.

The so-called “water god” almost rapes his wife, too. He ends up stopping due to some unclear reason. Maybe he realized he’s more of an aassh*le if he does that.

I happen to like the art, but I can imagine it’s not exactly what some people like. Apparently the artist is responsible for making “Survival Marriage”, which is another manhwa I’m going to write a first impression on. I thought I was recognizing the art style!

This manhwa is apparently finished in South Korea. There’s even a side story called “Give to the Heart – Memories“.

Recommendation: Might be worth reading if you like possessive love with a twist to the world.

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