I’m the Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend [First Impression]

I’m The Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend is more of a comedy story than a dramatic series. The male lead starts out manipulating and creepy.

Alt TitlesAku Mantan Sang Prajurit, I’m the Ex-Girlfriend of a Soldier, 我是勇者的前女友, 某勇者的前女友, 용사의 전 여친입니다
CreatorsJihyeon [Jihyun, 지현], Song Seo Rim [송서림] (Authors)
SETE [GIGIK, ギギク,기긱, 세테] (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English Translation
AdaptedFrom Novel
GenreComedy, DramaFantasyRomance
I'm The Soldier's Ex-Girlfriend [First Impression]

I’m The Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend Summary

Maise Hazelnut is different from most women, she’s not going to be killing to stick with the main character.

As a girl from the 21st century, she struggles to keep up the appearance of the angelic “Maise”. At the same time, she’s defying the fate set by a harem romance novel.

That’s right, Maise’s boyfriend is none other than the goofy and lovable protagonist. Every woman in the book has her eyes on him.

Right after she dumps him to work toward her own happy ending, Maise gets set up on a blind date with a man named Eith Lancell.

She falls head over heels for Eith, but notices his strange behavior at times…

Something’s weird about this devilishly handsome new beau. What is he hiding?

I'm The Soldier's Ex-Girlfriend [First Impression]
I’m The Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend should be read as a comedy more than a drama.

The reason for this is how stupid the plot and characters really are, especially the main characters.

Maize, our female lead, is denser than most people. Our male lead, Eith, is manipulative and not exactly a great boyfriend. However, both are deceiving each other.

They’re falling in love with the idea of the other person. Normally this will end with a bad breakup, but they somehow maintain the illusion for a year at least.

Eventually they spill the beans for each other, which is quite believable. At least this part is quite nice and not badly put forth.

The plot itself isn’t exactly reliant on the world of a novel. From what I can tell, the modern world is also suitable for this plot and we don’t need a novel for it.

From what I read, it seems the demon king has been reliving his life multiple times. He seems to actively oppose fate, including everyone who is against him.

In other words, the female lead’s life is constantly repeating. That being said, Maize is not exactly from the world so maybe the world is finally changing.

In the world, there’s also other twists occurring which are slightly unexpected. The plot is picking up eventually, but originally I didn’t really like the story too much.

Eventually the plot is going on quite nicely, but it’s infuriating a lot of the times, too. Especially how everyone thinks Maize is being fooled by the demon king.

The initial protagonist is infuriating, too. He’s annoying as hell and I want to be smacking him with a chair.

Final thoughts: Might be worth checking out but the initial start isn’t too exciting. I’m on the fence right now, since the story is interesting but it’s also very flawed.

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